What is the COUTURE BOOK project?

The COUTURE BOOK project is a convenient service for professional photographers, designers and architects for the utmost facilitation of the creation of unique author’s photo books and photo albums and for the most advantageous conditions of the PRO-plan discount system. For the project, we took the best currently available globally in graphic arts: innovative ideas, cutting edge technologies, cover materials which are elegant and pleasant to the touch, innovative photo paper and an advanced system of digital printing. By applying the principle of color blocking, we developed ready-made serial collections of photo books with and without mounting, and of course, options of gift wrapping, each of which not only will save the photo books for a long time, but in themselves will become an interior decoration. We have creative ideas, extensive experience, new technologies, unique materials and state-of-the-art equipment. In other words, we have everything to create elite photo books and artistic albums, which sell themselves.

For whom was the COUTURE BOOK project created?

The COUTURE BOOK project is designed to create a professional photo product which is sold only through photographers, designers or architects. In order to gain access to the full information about our photo products, including the cost and online-designer, you need to register and receive our authorization. We check all registration requests carefully and will respond within 24 hours. Please wait for these 24 hours! After authorization you will have access to the following services:

• free COUTURE BOOK | PRO program to create photo books;
• marketing templates;
• full price list for the collection, materials and packaging;
• presentation of the entire COUTURE BOOK collection.

Amateur photographers and everyone who wants to order photo books and/or our other products can access our service at the website

If you have a collection of photographs that you want to format professionally in one of our exclusive photo albums of the COUTURE BOOK project, contact us at: E-mail: (questions)

About us

We are Dmitriy and Natalya Stepanov, the founders and directors of the successful design studio and production graphic arts company ArtService, as well as the online-service for photo fans MyPhotoPages. We conceived of the COUTURE BOOK project in 2015 as a specialized service for connoisseurs of book aesthetics. We have extensive experience in commercial graphic arts and production of photo books, therefore in this project we wanted to combine the best traditions of printing with modern technologies and expensive, innovative materials by providing our clients with an exclusive photo product of the highest quality. Since we know the needs and requirements of our clients, and also have a state-of-the-art production base with graphic arts materials unique for the Russian market, we have developed a convenient and efficient service for professional photographers, designers and architects. For the convenience of our clients within the COUTURE BOOK project we have prepared several thematic collections of photo books and ready-made templates for samples. Each edition of the COUTURE BOOK project is unique – this is a journey into the world of beauty and harmony.

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