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Binding and printing materials
When making photo books, COUTURE BOOK uses innovative high quality binding and printing materials from the world’s leading manufacturers. For the COUTURE BOOK project we selected the best, high-tech modern photo paper, which transmits the play of light and shadow of any photograph surprisingly clearly. The diversity of the hues and surface finishes of the binding materials reveal the truly unlimited possibilities for realizing the boldest creative ideas. All the synthetic materials we use are soft, wear-resistant and ideally simulate the natural textures, and they have a high resistance to abrasion and repeated bending. Respectable, velvet to the touch, matte, semiglossy and glossy surfaces are represented in a broad assortment and combine excellently with each other.
The line of materials is updated once a year.

For photo books and packaging

Binding materials
90 types of binding material for covers from Italy,
Germany, the Netherlands, the United States and Japan
24 colors of designer paper

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Printing paper

For photographs, photo books
with stiff and thin pages

5 types of photo paper from the German company Felix Schoeller, 10 types of designer paper of varying texture

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Fly leaves for photo books

For photo books with stiff
and thin pages
24 colors of designer paper,
toned in the stock.

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