“Children’s” collection

Photo Books with mounting,
have a closed loop,
rectangular, square and round.


The collection has 9 formats,
10–20 double-page spreads (20–40 pages)
page thickness 3.5 mm

Type of book cover and material

The book cover has 10 styles,
40 types of binding materials

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Printing paper

5 types of photo paper
German company Felix Schoeller
10 types of designer paper of varying texture
bracketing the angles of the unit

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Cover finishing type

Stamping in the box, photo box with mount,
cutting letters, window lettering, collage Alcantara

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Mounting and base paper

Mounting – textured paper
with surface finish, 4 colors.
Center spread basis – white or black

Tracing and title page

A tracing page is placed before the title page,
on which text information may be placed
(for example, the name of the event or logo)

Fly leaf paper

24 designer paper colors,
toned in the stock

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Gift wrapping for the photo book or box.
Material and finishing in the style of the cover

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