The convenient ready-made demo COUTURE BOX set
contains the primary options of styles and materials
of the COUTURE BOOK set with photographs of foreign and Russian authors –
recognized professionals of their work.

COUTURE BOX – these are three products in one (packed in a rigid box
made of black designer paper). The set consists of a demo book with stiff pages,
demo book with thin pages (FlexBind technology),
cards with materials for photo book covers and packaging
and cards with a choice of colors for the mounting.

The demo book with stiff pages

The sample represents all collections
of the COUTURE BOOK project both with
and without mounting:
“Classic,” “Neoclassic,” “Modern,” “Children’s”
200×200 mm, 26 double-page spreads, 15 types of paper

Demo book with thin pages (FlexBind technology)

Combined cover, format 200×200 mm,
thin pages, 16 double-page spreads,
5 types of paper

Cards with samples of materials

Line of materials is updated once a year.
Set of 24 cards
The collection is supplemented once a year.
90 types of binding material,
15 paper samples for printing,
4 types of paper for photo book mounting,
16 types of paper for photograph mounting


Set of 24 cards,
the demo COUTURE BOX box is packed
in a rigid box made of black designer paper
You can create your own COUTURE BOX in the COUTURE BOOK / PRO program

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