Embossed cover

The classic solution to a premium photobook
Embossing on the cover photo book will give individuality


9 formats in the collection,
from 16 to 102 double-page spreads (32–204 pages)
page thickness 0.25 mm

Cover material

40 types of binding materials:

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Cover finishing type

Embossing (Blind or foil) can be selected
from ready-made thematic or order individual

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Book for printing

5 types of FlexBind paper

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Title page – tracing page

The tracing page is placed before
the title page and text information may be put on it
(for example, the name of the event or a logo)

Fly leaf paper

24 designer paper colors,
toned in the stock

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The photo book gift package is “Secretary” or “Sliver”.
The material and finishing are styled as a book cover.

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