Paper for stiff pages

15 types of paper for printing in photo books
and photographs on stiff pages

Matte paper

E-FEEL L&D Pyramid 260 g/m²
E-Photo Matt 260 g/m²

Mother-of-pearl paper

E-Photo Lustre 260 g/m²
Metallic Silver 210 g/m²
Sirio Pearl Oyster Shell 300 g/m²
Sirio Pearl Polar Dawn 300 g/m²

Designer paper

Nettuno Bianco Artico 280 g/m²
Acquerello Avorio 280 g/m²
Woodstock Betulla 285 g/m²
Mohawk I-Tone Eggshell 270 g/m²
Mohawk I-Tone Cambrik Linen 300 g/m²
Mohawk I-Tone Felt 216 g/m²
Mohawk Option Smooth 350 g/m²
Snow E Tela Premium White 280 g/m² (new)
Rives Traditional Dgital 250 g/m² (new)
Symbol Fusion Ice 300 g/m² (new)

Paper for thin pages

5 types of printing paper in photo books
on thin pages

Matte paper

FlexBind Matt 176 g/m²
FlexBind Satin 216 g/m²

Mother-of-pearl paper

FlexBind Photo Lustre 250 g/m²

Paper with finishing

FlexBind Satin 216 g/m²+Gloss Lam.
(with glossy lamination)
FlexBind Satin 216 g/m²+Velvet Lam.
(with Velvet tactile lamination)

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