COUTURE BOOK / Confidentiality policy

By using the COUTURE BOOK service, you agree to the following provisions, terms and conditions:

Collection of personal information

When you register on the COUTURE BOOK website, we collect and save your personal information (your e-mail address, first name and surname).
When you place an order on the COUTURE BOOK website, we collect and save your address indicated for delivery of the finished product.

Use of personal information

We inform you that we will use the personal information indicated by you to fill your orders, improve the quality of our services, adjust the website content, communicate with you, and also for internal purposes of the company.

Collection of technical information

When you gain access to the COUTURE BOOK website, we collect non-personified information, including the browser type, operating system, domain names and IP-address. In addition to this, we use a cookie so that your device from which access was previously gained is automatically authorized on our resource.

Use of technical information

We inform you that we will use your personal data to improve our service.

Collection of content information

Any order downloaded to the COUTURE BOOK service will be saved automatically. A created and formatted order shall not be deleted.

Use of content information

НOn the COUTURE BOOK project website <> at the end of the order formatting procedure on the confirmation page the user will be offered the option “permit the COUTURE BOOK service to use the product image on social resources of the COUTURE BOOK project (on the website, in social networks inContact and Facebook, as well as Instagram).” This permission allows the COUTURE BOOK project to share images, and also change the image size in accordance with the media format on which it is planned to post this image. The COUTURE BOOK project shall not be liable if the user accidentally permits the service to use a project image on social media. The COUTURE BOOK project shall not be liable for branding (advertising) of images before their publication, shall not be liable for other users of social media who download or add images posted on the website without the owners’ permission. Upon appeal of a proprietor, the COUTURE BOOK project shall take all measures to delete the images, but if they cannot be found or have already been deleted, the COUTURE BOOK project shall not be liable for this. If the user selects the option “share the project,” COUTURE BOOK shall not be liable for the fact that this project will be posted.
The COUTURE BOOK preserves the right to delete images protected by copyright, or content of pornographic nature.
The COUTURE BOOK project is not liable for providing copies of these images.

Age of clients 18+

Clients who are 18 and older may use the services of the COUTURE BOOK project. If you are under 18, you must you the account of your parents with written (!) permission. The COUTURE BOOK project preserves the right to refuse a client authorization if there is no parent adult guardian permission.


The COUTURE BOOK project uses a secure server, coding the registration page and all payment information. To ensure additional security, we do not save information about your credit card if you do not format membership in the COUTURE BOOK project with subscriber payment.

Updating the confidentiality policy

These confidentiality provisions may be amended by the COUTURE BOOK project both with and without notification of the user. If you use this website for a long time after any change goes into force, this is automatically considered as your consent to the implemented change.

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